Meet Ayesha

I am Ayesha, a new mother living in Canada by myself. I am a domestic abuse survivor and this is my story. I was arranged by my family to marry a man twice my age, left my loved ones in Pakistan to live with him and his parents in Calgary. That is when the abuse … More Meet Ayesha

Meet Lailah

  I am Lailah, a young Palestinian living in Canada with my mother and five younger siblings and this is my story. My grandparents were forced to leave Palestine in the wake of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. They were stripped of their home and nationality and placed in Al-Shati Camp at the Gaza Strip. I … More Meet Lailah

Meet Jessica

I am Jessica, a convert and a proud mother of four children and this is my Story. A few years ago I was pregnant, working and caring for my three children. I felt completely exhausted but I had no other choice. Shortly after converting to Islam I married a man who I thought was kind … More Meet Jessica

Zakat is in the air

~ Umar Ibn ‘AbdulAziz “Prayer takes you halfway. Fasting gets you to the door. But charity, charity gives you an audience with the King.” On behalf of National Zakat Foundation (NZF), we would like to thank you for your generous contribution and support. Now that we have Charity Status, we are one step closer to … More Zakat is in the air

March 2016 Update

Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullah, This month, we reached a record a high Zakat distribution of $51,340.86. We could not have done it without you. 228 deserving Zakat recipients were assisted with basic needs; food, shelter and other essentials. Today, 11 women and 16 children are able to find safe haven from abuse and other domestic circumstances at Nisa … More March 2016 Update