Sudden Halt

Abrar had just clocked out of work and was heading home during the early stretches of the morning. It had been a long night; he was tired and hungry, but had one thing on his mind: to see his children’s faces and send them off to school. Finances were a bit tight lately, but he … More Sudden Halt

Refugees in Canada

“I would rather go back to the refugee camp than live here.” A Syrian refugee sister said to me as we discussed her application for zakat assistance. I had always thought refugees who come here live a much better and happier life than those back in Syria or the refugee camps surrounding Syria. But as … More Refugees in Canada

Fleeing Torture

Usra Ahmadzi walks to the basement of her house and freezes halfway down the stairs. The dark and cramped room reminds her of her experience of captivity back in Afghanistan. Usra and her two sons, 15 year old Omar and 17 year old Ali, were refugees from Afghanistan three years ago. They are now permanent … More Fleeing Torture

A Family Living Apart

Alone and in debt, Madiha Khan needed assistance. She lived in Canada with her two-year-old daughter as a permanent resident, but her husband still lived and worked in Pakistan. She visited him for eight months, but when she returned to Canada alone, pregnant, struggling financially, and experiencing food insecurity, she needed assistance more than ever. … More A Family Living Apart