Meet Jessica


I am Jessica, a convert and a proud mother of four children and this is my Story. A few years ago I was pregnant, working and caring for my three children. I felt completely exhausted but I had no other choice. Shortly after converting to Islam I married a man who I thought was kind hearted.

It wasn’t long before my husband started to physically abuse me and my children. The abuse was so bad that I was scared of losing my unborn child. One day I decided I could no longer take this abuse. I travelled to my parents’ home in a rural part of Canada where my husband would not be able to find me or my children.

We were all living in their small damp basement but we were safe and we were happy. Our trials were not over yet. My life took another drastic turn with my father and my newborn baby falling seriously ill due to mold and they were admitted to the hospital. Prolonged exposure to toxins forced the landlord to close the property for repairs and once again we were out on the road; this time all seven of us. This forced us out to motels in the freezing winter where we took shelter for a few nights. Out of work, relying only on my savings and the social assistance of my parents, we started to pile on credit card debt. Before long, I was completely out of money and I had no credit left on my credit cards.

A day later, as I was feeding my toddler in the hospital cafeteria, I came across a friend’s post about NZF. I contacted them and requested financial assistance. NZF helped me and my family by covering our immediate needs for food and shelter. In the following days, they worked with me to plan for the future. NZF arranged for my entire family to relocate and live in a transitional home. The home was in another province so we took the train and made the long journey over to the west. We lived in this wonderful home, where we finally got the chance to rejuvenate, and work towards self-sufficiency and a fresh start. With the blessings of Allah, my father saw the beauty of Islam and took his Shahada a few days before passing away.

I thank all the people who helped me with their Zakat. I saw the beauty of Islam and I am so thankful to Allah for guiding my father.

Your Sister in Islam,




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