Zakat is in the air

~ Umar Ibn ‘AbdulAziz “Prayer takes you halfway. Fasting gets you to the door. But charity, charity gives you an audience with the King.”

On behalf of National Zakat Foundation (NZF), we would like to thank you for your generous contribution and support. Now that we have Charity Status, we are one step closer to our mission of providing an end-to-end service for Zakat payers and recipients across Canada.

Zakat recipients wanted us to deliver a special message to you “We thank the brothers and sisters who helped us, may Allah bless them and their families and remove any hardships from their lives that they may have.”

Zakat is beyond just a financial contribution; it keeps our connection as brothers and sisters and truly creates love between the hearts. This is the Haqq (right) of the poor and our obligation to support them.

Please help us this Ramadan and spread the word for us. For everyone who gives sadaqah or pays Zakat because of you asking them inshAllah it will be written on your scale as well.

May Allah accept all your Fasting, Prayers, Recitation of Quran, Duas and Charity this coming month of Ramadan.

May Allah bless your wealth, families and health.

JazakAllahu Khairan

Zakat Changes Everything

Help us ensure no deserving Zakat recipient is turned away

Over $1.24 Million Dollars of Zakat Distributed Locally

All the achievements below are a result of your support:
  • With blessings of Allah first and your support, we are now a Registered Charity!
  • We have distributed over $1.24 Million in Zakat to thousands of people in need. Please keep in mind, according to our policies for anyone to qualify to receive Zakat they must be below the silver Nisab (which is approximately $400)
  •  NZF’s impact has truly been National and we have helped people in over 70 cities across Canada
  •  20+ Women and Children take refuge in our shelter projects located in Toronto and Vancouver monthly. They are primarily escaping domestic abuse and homelessness. Unfortunately, about half of them are children under the age of 12.

How we spent your Zakat

Who are we helping?

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