Reflection from our Winter Intern

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By: Naaima Ansari – NZF Intern

As a student anxiously looking for placement opportunities, there was something inspiring about National Zakat Foundation that just pulled me. I had been searching for placement opportunities at various other non-profit organizations for quite some time; however, my mind was fixated on a Muslim organization.

To me, doing something for the Community in general is very important. However, being able to give back to the Muslim community specifically is what I really found ultimate satisfaction in. And after a lot of duas while searching to quench my thirst of serving humanity for the greater good; I found myself at the doorsteps of the National Zakat Foundation. As a placement student at the National Zakat Foundation, I had an absolutely amazing experience at this fantastic organization. The thing that I love the most about NZF is the fact that this organization is built on utmost honesty sincerity, and trust. Being here since day one, I noticed the amount of transparency embedded beneath the nooks and crevices of this organization. All the staff and coworkers at National Zakat Foundation literally put their whole mind, heart, and soul at making this organization fulfill its prophecy and making a mark in the lives of other vulnerable populations in Canada through Zakat.

While being at NZF, I was interning mainly as a Caseworker. But, while working as a Caseworker I had the opportunity to be involved with not just my caseworker role, but be involved with other various projects and planning efforts which made me feel like not just an interning student, but as someone who has been a part of the organization and as a significant member of the team. Not only did NZF help me grow as a person, but also made me grow Islamically by providing such an amazing work environment that strives to keep God consciousness at the heart of all our efforts. Through organizations like NZF big changes can be implemented and executed. But, without the help of generous donors, we would not be where we stand today. Alhamdulillah.

Your sister in Islam, 

Naaima Ansari 


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