March 2016 Update

Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullah,

This month, we reached a record a high Zakat distribution of $51,340.86. We could not have done it without you. 228 deserving Zakat recipients were assisted with basic needs; food, shelter and other essentials. Today, 11 women and 16 children are able to find safe haven from abuse and other domestic circumstances at Nisa Homes.

Thank you for changing lives.

Help us ensure no deserving Zakat recipient is turned away

Zakat Expenditure – March 2017:

Zakat Distributed to Applicants in need

Deserving recipients assisted: 228


Nisa Homes

Total Residents: 27
Women: 11
Children: 16

*Learn More about Nisa Homes Project

National Zakat Foundation is hosting a seminar designed to equip Accounting and Finance professionals to become a resource in helping people with Education, Calculation and payment of Zakat.

Due to popular demand, the seminar is almost sold out.

Meet Abdul Rahman; engineer, father and a loving husband.
Abdul Rahman migrated with his family with a vision to give his children world class Canadian education. He worked as a civil engineer back home. However, upon his arrival to Canada he soon realized that Canadian credentials were essential to land a job in his profession. As Abdul Rahman enrolled into an Ontario bridging program for engineering professionals, his savings began to run out and before he knew it he had to choose between food or shelter for his family. NZF was able to assist him and his family with food costs for a few months until he finished his education.

With your support, Abdul Rahman is now a thriving engineer and most importantly a Zakat payer.

*Based on a real NZF client case. Name and pictures change to ensure privacy of client*


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