How can we help you?

“This is the month of your Zakat, so pay the debts you owe to others, then pay your Zakat”.

(Uthman bin Affan)

Ramadan is around the corner and we know you have questions about Zakat

Zakat Payers are just as important as Zakat Recipients to us. If they don’t practice this pillar properly, their problems can be eternal. It is our duty to help the Zakat Payer understand and learn Zakat in a simple way. 
7 ways NZF can help you this Ramadan with Zakat

1. One to One Assistance with Zakat Questions – Send us your questions about Zakat via email and we will respond within 48 hours.

2. Private Zakat Calculation Service – If you need help with Calculating Zakat we will help you for free with no obligation to donate to us. Send us an email to book your appointment today.

3. Zakat Advisors workshop – The purpose of this seminar was to create assets in the community for the future assistance of Zakat Payers and Recipients. If you want to become a Zakat Advisor, email us. Fpr everyone you help you get rewards.

4. Use our Videos online – Check our Youtube page for Zakat Tutorials

5. Download our Zakat Guide or request a physical copy –  Simple Zakat Guide to download or email us to order a physical copy.

6. Zakat Workshop coming near you – Connect with us on Facebook and you will be notified.

7. New Online Calculator – Use our newly updated Online Calculator

NZF was there!
Zakat Advisors Workshop
MMAC Gala Dinner
MyFest Milton
Being Me Conference
Supporting Syrian Newcomers Arabic Session MTCC

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