Maintaining Faith During Difficult Times

Two years ago, Sara Amshi, an elderly Syrian woman, was sponsored by her son Nasir living in Canada in an attempt to escape the chaos and destruction in Syria. Alhamdulilah, she was able to make it to Canada and began living in her son’s apartment. However, Sara had to have a cataract surgery done on her eyes and two root canals because of not having her medical needs attended to for quite some time. Without hesitation, Nasir had his mother take the operations seeing as her struggles and pain was completely unbearable.

However, Sara and Nasir encountered financial difficulties soon after the procedures. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan did not cover Sara, as she was a privately sponsored refugee. As per the sponsorship agreement, Sara was not qualifying for any government assistance such as Ontario Works or Old Age Security until she had resided in Canada for 10 years. Thus, she had no means of paying for her medical expenses. Even her son, who was also sending money back home for his brother back in Syria, could not cover the cost of his mother’s surgeries. Unable to take care of the problem, Sara and Nasir had faith that Allah will come through for them in this time of need, and began to turn to the community for help.

Even in these desperate times, Nasir did not leave his mother to handle this problem alone. He took care of her and had faith that Allah would provide for the both of them and take care of their affairs. Moreover, this came true as Nasir came across National Zakat Foundation through his local network while looking for some sort of assistance. He contacted us via our online application, and we took in their case to see what we could do to help them. Considering that Nasir was fully capable of taking care of his mother’s basic needs, we decided to handle the medical expenses.


Today, both Sara and Nasir are doing well and are able to live without financial worries. They live in peace without having any crippling debts that could hinder their living standards. Both have expressed their gratitude towards NZF, and the caseworker who handled their case.

SubhanAllah, look at how Allah takes care of those who stick together and have faith in him. Nasir is to be an example for us all of how to be dutiful to our parents in their time of need. He took it on himself to bring her to a safe place here in Canada, to provide for her, and have her needs taken care of. Even though there was no plan to look out for their finances, Nasir took a leap of faith knowing that Allah will get them to the other side safely. For Allah is ‘The Provider’.


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