Press Release: Preparing for the Refugee influx in Canada

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu,
The general public at large has been outraged recently by the loss of life to migrants trying to flee for a better life in the West. Many governments are announcing increases in quotas for allowing greater numbers of refugees into their countries, following public pressure and media focus. The Canadian government has officially agreed to welcome 11,300 Syrians and has thus far accepted about 2,350. The Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party have announced that they will increase these numbers dramatically and allow for a much larger number of refugees and asylum seeker to enter within a few years.

Over the past two years NZF has been receiving applications from many refugees and so far we have assisted 72 in total, who have faced a wide range of difficulties, such as, hunger, homelessness, fuel poverty, and legal fees needed to pursue valid and justified asylum claims. We anticipate that with an increased number of applicants, these demands will rise significantly and we are therefore preparing ourselves to be ready to assist those who come here seeking a better life with your Zakat.

We are currently assembling a Refugee Task Force which will enable us to handle the influx of applications expected to come in once refugees start arriving in Canada. This team will be ready by the end of October and well-equipped to take in the large number of applications that we are expecting. At the moment we are operating with a small number case workers fluent in Arabic and other languages required to communicated effectively with our applicants.

The Refugee Task Force will consist of many multilingual case workers, thoroughly trained in the Canadian social services industry. They will be able to assist refugees without any communication barriers and provide them with financial assistance through NZF, or by connecting them to relevant agencies and programs available.

Another part of this team will focus on research and community outreach to inform the Canadian public, and our own community, about the challenges faced by refugees. We hope that this will allow for a modification to the system by influential and advocacy groups, and ultimately enhance our refugee system.

We want to assure you that for us, helping refugees with your Zakat money is not just temporary whilst it is being widely discussed in the media. We were providing  assistance to refugees far before it was a hot topic, and we will continue to do so even after the media focus shifts from it. It is our honour and duty to help them with your Zakat money. We thank you for your support and we promise you that we will be prepared for the influx of refugees and we will use your Zakat in the most rewarding of ways. May Allah put barakah in our efforts and your Zakat contributions.

JazakAllahu Khairan,

Zubair Qasim | Executive Director

[email protected]


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