Testimonial from Sr Jessica

You may remember our blog post on Jessica, one of NZF’s successful cases.
We were lucky enough to get her to write a testimonial on her point of view on how NZF has helped her.
The NZF alhumdulilah has helped my family and I in so many ways. I feel there are no words that could ever show my gratitude. A couple of years after I converted to islam I then married. Shortly after I married I fell pregnant. He became very abusive. Due to the abuse I had no choice but to leave for my safety and for the safety of my children and unborn baby.
I fled back to Saskatchewan for concerns of safety with my ex. Also to support my dad who’s health was declining and my aunt who had terminal cancer. My father had a work injury that was almost fatal. He suffered multiple injuries. I had to travel four hours commute to visit my dad in the hospital as where I lived we didn’t have a hospital. He didn’t want to go into a care home. I was the only one from upon all of family who would take him in. My mother also suffered a small stroke. With my son so sick and extreme weather conditions. I struggled to arrange her for all of her testing with the hospital being hours away.
Just a couple of weeks after I had my son he became very ill. He had respiratory problems. It was so bad we went by ambulance to the hospital as he wasn’t breathing properly. There is nothing worse then seeing your newborn child so sick and so helpless. Everyone in my families health was declining as well. We had flu like symptoms for months.
A few months passed then after lab testing we were then aware that we had high toxic mold and asbestos. Where we had to immediately evacuate our house. Part of the house was gutted to remove the black mold. We didn’t proper heating in extreme winter conditions due to the house being gutted. The house was extremely cold most days. Moving back after just a few days my son became very sick again. I then realized that we already had black mold regrowth. My landlord was demanding rent money for the time we weren’t able to stay there due to the high toxic mold. I had exhausted my account from motel and daily living expenses from when we had to vacate the house. She wasn’t listening when I told her that my son was sick again and that there was mold regrowth. She was still demanding to pay rent for a house that we couldn’t stay in.
I was extremely worried about the safety for my son and for my family. We lived in a very rural area in Saskatchewan. I wasn’t able to find any house to rent or lease to accommodate all of my family. My account was totally exhausted from multiple emergency expenses. I thought moving back to Saskatchewan that I would have my families support. Due to my religious beliefs I was disowned from the majority of family. I was in total shock and devastation that my own blood wanted nothing to do with me for my religious beliefs. I felt completely isolated and alone. It was the first time in my life I felt completely helpless. Being on maternity leave and and taking care of my parents and four children I was beyond overwhelmed.
Alhumdulilah NZF came in to mine and my families aid when we needed someone the most. They were there when I was barley holding on. I will never forget everything the NZF has done for us. The NZF helped us with our travel and relocation costs. Also alhumdulilah with amazingly safe housing at the shelter here in Vancouver. My son’s health has drastically improved since we’ve moved. My dad’s mobility has also improved. I don’t feel so alone and isolated anymore with knowing I have a fairly large Islamic community. I also have a peace of mind that my children will stay guided on the right path with such an amazingly strong islamic community rate here in Vancouver. May Allah bless and reward the whole team with the NZF. I am forever grateful and beyond thankful for NZF. Jazakallah Khayr.

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