Electricity Bills, Credit Card Bills, and Therapy Bills

A refugee family, where the mother is the only provider and caregiver for her two sons with medical conditions. As Durra awaits her husband’s approval to the country, she’s struggling and on the verge of a breakdown. Her only source of income is what government programs assist her with. Her immediate struggle is having to stay at home and take of her sons and not work. They are all alone with no support system.

Everything starts to add up: transportation, gas and electricity, phone, and medical bills, including therapist bills. Even with the welfare and child benefits added up, she’s short in her monthly payment requirements. She is already doing her part in spending as little as possible, which is when the local food bank plays a huge role in helping her family.

As time is running out, she needs assistance soon if she wants to keep a roof over her family’s heads and food for them. Then Durra heard about NZF through a local masjid, and she took the liberty and courage to apply. National Zakat Foundation Canada was able to help Durra with her rent debts and her son’s medical bills. NZF also takes care of her transportation costs and provides food expenses.
She can now take care of her sons without worrying about becoming homeless. We need to continue to assist her get back on her feet, physically and mentally. Donate today to help sisters like Durra – we are her only family.



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