Abuse. Escape. Sickness. Shelter. A New Shahadah. Death.

This is a real story which happened in a span of a few months and its a truly a sign from Allah to all of us to ponder and reflect upon.

Sr Jessica reverted to Islam in 2011 in her 20s. She was married to an abusive husband and had 3 young children, pregnant with 4th. The abuse got so bad that she worried for the safety of her life and the life of her unborn child.

So she decided to run away.

She was so afraid that she decided to escape from him by moving from one province to another – to her parents place, to be exact. Her parents lived in a rural area, so she felt safe. When she got there, things took another sudden turn quickly with her father falling ill, her newborn baby becoming ill, and the cause of it was diagnosed to be mold in the home they were living in on rent, which they didn’t initially know about. The rental agreement didn’t cover this type of damage so while her place was being cleaned of mold, she had to live in motels in the freezing months of the winter. During this long period of time, she stayed and paid for motels with her own money, which depleted all her savings and piled on tremendous credit card debt.

Her father got admitted to a hospital and she now had to visit him more than often at the hospital due to his health condition. Since the hospital was in the city, it was a long drive to see him, but it was important as she wanted to serve her father so that he could accept Islam just like how her mother had done in the past.

At this point, another calamity struck with her car breaking down, which was their lifeline for going back and forth to the hospital, especially considering they were living in a small town. Now she had completely run out of cash, assets, and even her credit limits.

She then heard about National Zakat Foundation and applied. I was the fortunate case worker to have dealt with her and that is why I feel it’s important to write her story so people can realize and ponder on this case as there are so many life lessons I took from it personally and want you all to ponder as well.

After understanding her situation, we first helped with her immediate need of food and shelter. Second, Jessica and I collectively decided it was best for her and her family to move back to British Columbia along with her parents who will do much better. Thirdly, we arranged for the entire family to live in the our transitional home until they could become self-sufficient again. All of this happened within 3-4 days and they were moved to the new province in a safe place where they could start their lives all over again.

Then one other amazing thing happened in the coming weeks. Her father, with the blessing of Allah, saw the beauty of Islam and accepted Islam. A few days after he took his Shahadah and accepted Islam, he passed away and was given an Islamic burial.

IMG_2015-07-10 16:02:46 IMG_2015-07-10 16:03:24 IMG_2015-07-10 16:03:38

All of this was only possible because of some of you out there who think that the local initiative of Zakat is important. I learned first hand on how powerful Zakat is when utilized properly and how Allah showed us how it is a strong tool of Dawah as well. It helped a family, a sister, a mother, a father (may Allah grant him Jannah) and showed us the love of the community as well. We are all here for one another and that’s what Zakat is for.

I thank all of the Zakat payers of National Zakat Foundation and without your help, none of this would have happened in this way. I feel blessed to be a part of this effort and may Allah accept your deeds and accept this effort from us as well. It’s my privilege and honour to be involved in this cause.

JazakAllahu Khairan




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