Canadian Government Applications for Assistance

Our applicants at National Zakat Foundation are at the lowest point in their lives: they are struggling to pay rent, get a job, and even put food on the table. Some may have been forced to flee their homes because of domestic violence, or flee their country because of war.

We live in a welfare state, but many people do not know of the resources we have available to us. Besides zakat, here are some options to help those in need get back on their feet:

Nisa Homes – Transitional home for women and young children

Ontario Works – Financial assistance, such as income support

Ontario Disability Support Program – Financial assistance and medical benefits if you have a disability

Canada Benefits – Connecting you to government benefits

Universal Childcare Benefit – The UCCB is designed to help Canadian families, as they try to balance work and family life, by supporting their child care choices through direct financial support.

Employment Advice – Connecting Canadians with jobs and advice

Service Canada – Connecting Canadians to government resources and forms

Employment Insurance Benefits – Application for employment insurance

Canada Service Database – 211 is Canada’s primary source of information on government and community based health and social services.


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