Unemployed Breadwinner


Beep. Beep. Beep. The sound of her daughter’s heart monitor was the only thing Fatima Shah could hear late at night in the hospital. Sabah is one of the youngest of Fatima’s five children, and had just been operated on to treat a brain tumour. The doctors had told Fatima that Sabah’s recovery process would be a long and difficult one, which worried Fatima because she would have to quit her job in order to look after her.

After Sabah’s recovery, Fatima found it extremely difficult to find employment. She was not very qualified and did not have much experience. Also, she had to find a job that would work around her children’s school schedule, which proved almost impossible with her limited qualifications.

Fatima is divorced single mother who does not receive assistance from her husband, who lives in a different country and does not provide child support. With no help raising her children and no job, Fatima did not know who to turn to. She could not support her five young children for much longer.

Then, she found National Zakat Foundation. We assessed her case, covered her grocery costs, and worked hard to find Fatima a job that would fit into her schedule, finally finding a job as a personal support worker for another NZF applicant. With this job, Fatima was able to pick her own hours.

By September, Fatima was able to secure a job as a part-time school bus driver, a job that fit her schedule and allowed her to become self-sufficient, Alhamdulillah. National Zakat Foundation was able to assist Fatima in getting back on her feet, but none of it would have been possible without the help of our donors. Please continue to donate to improve the lives of our Muslim neighbours when they need help the most.



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