NZF Donor Dinner 2015


On June 13, National Zakat Foundation invited our top donors for a dinner and presentation on what we’ve accomplished over the past few months. This includes distributing over $350,000 of zakat to over 450 needy Muslims in Canada, as well as assisting over 100 people in our transitional homes in the GTA and Vancouver.


We also allowed our donors to take a step in the lives of our case workers by letting them solve cases that NZF receives regarding refugees, people in severe debt, and abused women and children.


We were blessed to have a resident from our GTA Nisa transitional home come and speak to our donors. She spoke of the positive impact National Zakat Foundation and Nisa Homes has had on her life and explained how we have enabled her to get back on her feet. Her powerful and strong words left the audience in tears.

Please keep donating to National Zakat Foundation to help thousands of Muslim men, women, and children in Canada.


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