A Family Living Apart

Alone and in debt, Madiha Khan needed assistance. She lived in Canada with her two-year-old daughter as a permanent resident, but her husband still lived and worked in Pakistan. She visited him for eight months, but when she returned to Canada alone, pregnant, struggling financially, and experiencing food insecurity, she needed assistance more than ever.

After a complicated Cesarean-section, her daughter was born, but because she did not live in Ontario for at least five months due to her trip to Pakistan, her OHIP coverage expired. The cost of the birth totaled to $5000, an amount she could not fully pay. Her husband sends her $150 a month and she cannot work because her daughter is unable to stay without her mother, which was determined after several attempts with babysitters proved unsuccessful.

Government welfare was a tough option because her husband’s sponsorship process would be compromised, so Madiha turned to National Zakat Foundation. After assessing her case, we paid the remaining balance of her hospital bill. This debt relief will help her focus on providing for her child and preparing herself for her husband’s arrival so they can be a family again.
Please keep giving to sisters like Madiha who need and appreciate your help in getting back on their feet.


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